Maroona Station produces Border Leister / East Fresians x Merino lambs for their fast growth, size, length, weight gain and productivity over the hooks and as terminal lamb mothers.

30th Annual Lamb Sale 2021

Friday 5th of November, 2021

From 1pm (SA)


Maroona Lamb Sale Yards:

1021 Saltwell Rd, Reedy Creek, SA


followed by

Telang Lamb Sale Yards:

199 Starling Ln, Wangolina, SA


and on AuctionsPlus

Border Leicester / East Fresian x Merino Lambs

  • May/June Drop, September Shorn
  • Drenched with Cydectin oral + selenium + minerals in September
  • Backlined with Extinosad in September
  • B12
  • 2 x 6-in-1 vaccinated, Scabiguard, Eryvac
  • Ewe lambs also Gudair Vaccinated, MTS and Trisolfen treated
  • Drafted into lines by weight